UCO Candle Lanterns - Mini vs Micro

The UCO Mini candle lantern offers an option for your survival kit, but did you know there is an even more compact version called the Micro, also by UCO?

The Mini is pretty small, but has fixed glass windows as shown below:

The silver case twists off from the base to replace the candle - tealights which are cheap and easy to find.

The Micro folds down into itself, so that it is ultra compact. Amazingly, it also has an extra spare candle hidden in the base. This means it weighs slightly more than the Mini, which only holds a single tealight candle.

The problem with the Micro is that window size is restricted, so actually it gives out considerably less light than its brother.

I would not recommend it for your bug out bag or survival kit for this reason.

For the full review and photos see Issue 7 of Survival Kit Mag:

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