Issue 7 - Survival Kit Mag

In issue 7 we have a range of firesteels going head to head, to find out which is the best for your survival kit.
The BCB Ranger, Light My Fire Army, and UST Sparkie are tested out in the field to find their strengths and weaknesses. See our Tech Spec box to compare side by side statistics on size and weight of all 3 firesteels, and find out which one came out as best on test.
Also in this issue we review candle lanterns by UCO. The Mini vs the Micro. Can these compact tealight lanterns earn a place in your bug out bag? We assess their use as a bushcraft light source, and find a problem with one of the lanterns that will make you think twice about having it in your EDC pack.
The BK7 by KA-BAR is taken out of its sheath for a review in SKM, including full colour photos of both the survival knife and sheath. Anybody interested in survival and preparedness will want to take a look as a potential addition to your bug out bag BOB.

$1.77 - Issue 7

Issue 8 - Survival Kit Mag

Issue 8 compares hatchet and tomahawk as tools for use in the woods. Mini stoves are also reviewed, to find which compact cooking solution is best for your survival kit.
The hatchet is a small version of the classic woodsman's axe, and the tomahawk is a cutting tool that has gained popularity for use in bushcraft. The Husqvarna Hatchet and the Cold Steel Trail Hawk are taken into the field and tested out, to see which one should earn a place in your bug out bag.
Mini stoves are a great way of adding cooking capability to your survival kit, without taking up much space. The Mini Trangia, the Esbit / Hexi stove, and the gel fuel stove are tested out under real conditions to highlight both the good and bad points.
A full review including size, weight and boiling times reveals which stove is the best all round performer in this compact cooking category.

$1.77 - Issue 8

Issue 9 - Survival Kit Mag

The MSS modular sleep system as used by the armed forces offers a potential bargain when buying from the surplus market. Is the bivy bag a piece of kit you want in your bug out bag, or is the cheap price a false economy?
We take the MSS bivi into the field to see how it holds up on a night under the stars, and find out how dry everything is in the morning.
Also on test in this issue of Survival Kit Mag is the Victorinox Forester knife. This blade features a liner-lock system and with a sturdy blade and the famous Victorinox saw, it could earn a place in your survival kit.
Snugpak's Chrysalis range of sleeping bags offer some interesting new features, and the Chrysalis 3 is tested to see how it holds up on a chilly night.

$1.77 - Issue 9

Issue 10 - Survival Kit Mag

The Bushman by Cold Steel is compared to the Bowie version in this issue, when thinking of a survival knife for your bug out bag. We also look at the new and much improved version of the sheath, now in Secure-Ex and with a ferro firelighting rod built in.
Back in Issue 7 we examined the Sparkie firelighting tool, and asked the question - can you butcher a Sparkie to salvage the ferro rod? Well we gave it a try, and here are the results.
Also on test is the Z-Mat sleepmat, which is built from foam panels designed to fold up in a z pattern to give you a compact item for your survival kit. Insulation from the cold hard ground can be a lifesaver, and a rollmat is well worth including in your kit if you have room. With its ability to zigzag fold down, the Z-Mat offers a quick getaway if you need to pack up and move out at short notice.

$1.77 - Issue 10

Issue 11 - Survival Kit Mag

Camp cooking in a survival situation will often be a challenge and you are unlikely to have a full set of pots and pans, but keeping a metal mug in your bug out bag gives you a compact way of boiling water and doing some simple cooking. We look at a few of these mugs and see which model is worth a place in your survival kit.
Folding saws are aimed at offering efficient cutting power in a small package. In this issue of SKM we compare a selection of saws to find which one comes out a cut above. The Bahco Laplander is popular among survivalists but there are other contenders here (and some well worth avoiding).
As usual, we don't just unbox them and see which is prettiest - all are taken into the field for a proper test.

$1.77 - Issue 11

Issue 12 - Survival Kit Mag

The Mora is a cheap and dependable survival knife, and the Mora 2000 is one such blade that has a good reputation for bushcraft. We give it a field test, and weigh up the pros and cons of this design, including the sheath, to see how it performs at some common camp chores.
Youtube has thousands of homemade stove videos, and one of the most popular designs is the penny pop stove. Based around the idea of having a jet flame to cook with, the penny pop stove sounds like a fun gadget design, and so we decided to give it a test - in the field, of course - to see how it performed under bug-out conditions. We pitched it against the proven classic Trangia burner, to see if the new tech stove could see off the old fashioned foolproof Trangia unit.
Also in this edition we look at a range of tent pegs to see which design works best. With so many different types available, it can be difficult to choose, but it is worth taking some time to consider your options. The worst performing pegs will be dead weight in your bug out bag, offering virtually no benefit. The best, although having a monetary and weight cost, could save you vital time and energy when you need it most.

$1.77 - Issue 12